One-On-One Courses | Denis Cale Photography

One-on-one tuition for two hours


Are you a proud owner of a digital camera but haven’t got of “AUTO”?
My face to face camera courses; online or studio, are just you and me and what you want to know about your camera.
Suitable for beginners and serious enthusiasts.


Online, face to face $65

Or at my studio $65

 $90 per couple at my studio

Learn all your camera functions:

  1. How to choose the best exposure settings
  2. How aperture affects you depth of field
  3. Importance of shutter speed to blur or freeze the action
  4. The various shooting modes and when to use them
  5. The difference between the light metering modes
  6. When to use the different focus options


  • using the exposure triangle to get the correct exposure
  • all the settings and functions on your camera
  • Essential accessories, filters , tripods, camera bags
  • Your specific requirements
  • Basic image composition principles


Online Face to face $65

Or at my studio $65

 $90 per couple at my studio

An advanced course designed to enhance skills learned in the Mastering Your Camera Functions Course.

You will be shown how to determine the correct exposure settings;

  • For different lighting situations,
  • Sunrises, sunsets,
  • Landscapes, seascapes,
  • Beach and snow scenes
  • Night time, low light, star trails
  • The importance of the Ansel Adams grey scale
  • The blue light hours

The elements of a good composition are discussed i.e.

  • choosing the time of day, after sunrise, before sunset
  • leading lines to guide the eye through the image
  • focal points, silhouettes, converging lines
  • layers; foreground, fields, mountains, sky
  • the importance of camera position and height
  • controlling the weight of elements using different lens angles


Online Face to face $65

Or at my studio $65

 $90 per couple at my studio

Lightroom is a powerful cataloguing and editing program for RAW and JPEG images.

Learn how to:

  • Set up your image folders and back up folders
  • Import images from a camera and prepare previews
  • Organise albums, collections, and collection sets
  • Apply key words and tags
  • Use basic editing functions

The course also covers;

  • Short cut  functions  on your keyboard
  • Saving virtual copies
  • exporting finished copies
  • using the print module

LIGHTROOM Advanced Editing Techniques

Online face to face $65

Or at my studio $65

This is a follow on course to LIGHTROOM FUNDAMENTALS exploring all the advanced editing tools

Learn how  to use the various modules; Library,  Develop, Map, Print.

You will be asked to bring a selection of images for adjustment.

Advanced editing features including;

  • the graduated filter
  • the brush tool
  • the radial tool
  • H S L module
  • white balance correction will be discussed.