One on One Courses

I tailor each One-on-One Photography course to address YOUR needs and knowledge. They are face-to-face photography courses, conducted live online or in my studio. I give you the confidence to use the manual modes and to get off “AUTO“.

Specialist courses are also available for, Flash photography, Studio photography, Filters and Macro.

My ONE-ON-ONE courses show you which camera settings to use for all situations and events.  I teach you how to use the manual functions and take control of your camera. There are 4 main modules covering all aspects of photography.  The courses are done Live Online in the comfort of your home or at my Studio

Mastering your camera functions can be confusing and complicated. Too many menus, too many modes, too many options.

I will explain all your camera functions and show you:

  • How to choose the best exposure settings
  • How does aperture affect your depth of field
  • Importance of shutter speed to blur or freeze the action
  • The various shooting modes and when to use them
  • The difference between the light metering modes
  • When to use the different focus options

I also discuss:

  • Your specific requirements and interests
  • using  the exposure triangle to get the correct exposure
  • all the settings and functions on your camera

An advanced course designed to enhance skills learned in the Mastering Your Camera Functions Course.

A good composition is about storytelling, composing an image that anyone can relate to.

The elements of good composition will be discussed i.e.

  • choosing the time of day, after sunrise, before sunset, the blue hour
  • leading lines to guide the eye through the image
  • focal points, silhouettes, converging lines
  • layers; foreground, fields, mountains, sky
  • the importance of camera position and height
  • controlling the weight of elements using different lens angles

I will also explain how to determine the correct exposure settings;

  • For different lighting situations,
  • Sunrises, sunsets,
  • Landscapes, seascapes,
  • Beach and snow scenes
  • Nighttime, low light, star trails
  • The importance of the Ansel Adams greyscale
  • The blue light hours

Lightroom is a powerful cataloguing and editing program for RAW and JPEG images.

I will show you how to:

  • Set up your image folders and back up folders
  • Import images from a camera and prepare previews
  • Organise albums,
  • Set up collections, and collection sets
  • Apply keywords and tags
  • Use basic editing functions

I will explain;

  • Good editing workflow steps
  • The develop module features
  • Short cut  functions
  • How to save virtual copies
  • Exporting finished images
  • Using the print module

All the features and techniques are  demonstrated on your computer or laptop

I will demonstrate how to use the various develop module features on sample images and your images.

This is a follow on course to LIGHTROOM FUNDAMENTALS exploring all the advanced editing tools

You will be asked to have a selection of images for editing.

Advanced editing features include the;

  • Graduated filter
  • Brush tool
  • Radial tool
  • H S L module
  • White balance correction
  • Detail ( sharpening) tool
  • Crop tool
  • Effects tool
  • Lens correction tool
  • Transform tool