Custom Private Workshops


Private Photography Courses Customised for Small Groups


My Custom Private Workshops are for corporations and individuals, with special photography needs.

Your needs and expected outcomes are discussed prior to the day and an outline of the workshop’s content presented for your acceptance.  Hands-on field exercises are included in each workshops to complement the theory.

Please feel free to call on 0428 215 250 or email me at [email protected] to discuss your requirements.

Typical photography subjects are;

  • Corporate
  • Bracketing / HDR
  • Flash, rear curtain, front curtain, high speed, remote
  • Panoramas / stitching
  • Landscapes
  • Night
  • Action
  • Macro
  • Pet
  • Still Life
  • Product
  • Nature

Private sessions in my studio or online via Zoom


One Day, Two Day