My Camera Photography Courses encompase all the essential knowledge you will need to achieve good images with your camera. 

They may be personal one-on-one tuition sessions conducted at my studio near Nowra.

Or Photography Field Workshops conducted at locations around the South Coast for small groups.

Mastering your digital camera can be confusing and complicated, too many menus, too many modes, too many options, too many functions. Not to mention the confusing User Manuals with too many pages.

 My Photography Courses guide you through the maze, clarifying which camera functions to use and when to use them on your camera.

Giving you the confidence and knowledge to take control of all the camera functions and use the manual modes, P, S, A, & M; so that you can choose the best camera settings for any event or location. 

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My Camera Photography Courses, are just about you and your camera and what you want to know. The two hours private tuition, conducted at my studio near Nowra.

My photography courses, may be done at a time and place to suit you. 

My Photography Field Workshops are group activities ( minimum 2 maximum 5) conducted at locations around the South Coast. 

They focus on Composition considerations and Camera settings. 

You apply the knowledge you learnt in my Camera Photography course in a real life situation a

My Photography field Workshops may be conducted for groups of 3 at a time and event or location of your choice . 

Please contact me for information & bookings or phone me 0428215250.